Tips For Talking To Your Nonreligious Senior About Going Into A Religious Assisted Living

Posted on: 6 June 2017

If you have a loved one who is getting older, there is a good chance that you will want to help him or her find somewhere to live where he or she will be safe but relatively independent. You might be looking at the assisted living facilities in your area and find that they are all religiously affiliated. This is great if your loved one's religion matches the religion that these assisted livings facilities are allied with, but less great if your senior is nonreligious. He or she might be opposed to going. Here are some reasons that you can give your senior that might cause him or her to consider it anyways.

1. Your Senior Will Not Be the Only One

Your senior will not be the only person who is not entirely into the religion that the assisted living facility is related to. This is due to the fact that most religiously affiliated senior living facilities are not there to push their religion on anyone. The only noticeable thing will be that they are allied with churches in the area to provide transportation to services regularly. There might be Bible groups that members of the assisted living community could join as well. Your senior will have people that are like him or her that he or she can hang out with when the rest of the members are at church.

2. Your Senior Can Belong to the Moral Community Without Believing

Another thing to consider is that your senior can belong to the moral community without necessarily believing in the religion. This means that your senior can agree with the other members of the community on a lot of moral issues, such as treating people well, not stealing, and not being judgmental, without being a part of the religion. Joining a moral community can help your senior feel more connected with the world and therefore improve his or her quality of life greatly.

3. Your Senior Will Have More Opportunities to Volunteer

Finally, volunteering and making use of his or her time can make your senior's quality of life rise. Many religiously affiliated assisted living facilities will have a variety of volunteer opportunities for seniors that will help give them a purpose, even if they don't necessarily believe in the religion.

Present these advantages to your senior when talking to him or her about going into a religiously affiliated assisted living, like United Methodist Village.